Advent Adventure 2016

During advent, homes around the community are unveiling windows showing Christmas as it is celebrated around the world.
Each day all around the village a new window will be revealed showing Christmas in a different country.

See if you can match the countries to the windows. You can also hunt for Santa in his sleigh and a hidden word in each window.161201_s
Photos of each window will be posted here. (click any image to see the full size picture).
Solution now posted. See our Download Page

Grand opening and Christmas Lights turned on at 41 High St. (at the crossroads) 6:30pm Dec 1st followed by opening the first two windows. Join us for mulled wine and the singing of some carols.

Christmas Eve: 10am-12noon The final window will be revealed at the Baptist Church on George Street. Refreshments will be available and photos of all windows will be on display. You can also find out if you matched the windows and countries correctly.

68 High St
1st Dec

31 High St
1st Dec

111 Covent Garden
2nd Dec

Willingham Primary
School 3rd Dec

4 Times House
4th Dec

27 High St
5th Dec

Boswell Bakers
6th Dec

26 Over Rd
7th Dec

60 Newington
8th Dec

34 Silver St.
9th Dec

The Library
10th Dec

Salvation Army Hall
11th Dec

8 Rampton Rd
12th Dec

23 Rampton Rd
13th Dec

6 Balland Field
14th Dec

88 Balland Field
15th Dec

115 Balland Field
16th Dec

85 Balland Field
17th Dec

St Mary’s Church
18th Dec

42 Rampton Rd
19th Dec

30 Long Lane
20th Dec

13 Fen End
21st Dec

59 Long Lane
22nd Dec

38 Millfield
23rd Dec

The Baptist Church
The Final Window
24th Dec

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